About us

The love for treasure hunting is something that is found in our genes since the beginning of time. We all love the thought of being able to discover something of great value and immense rarity. Treasure Tripping is a virtual community of people who are highly skilled in rock hounding, crystal digging, shipwreck & treasure diving, gold mining, and treasure hunting.

The community also shares that insatiable thirst for exploration and discovery that makes us feel alive and satisfies our need for adventure. Those who love outdoors activities and enjoy the experience of finding precious coins, rings, bottles, rings and other similar items are going to find this community to be the perfect place to join and meet likeminded people.

Many experts share hunting tips, safety precautions on specific terrains and locations, and all kinds of excellent information to help treasure hunters in their quests. This makes it an ideal community for newcomers as well as seasoned adventurers.

The beauty of treasure hunting is that it never ends and it never fails to fascinate our minds. We can find a million treasures and there is always the possibility of finding a million more. This is one of the reasons why our community keeps growing as we continue to find others who share our passion for the journey to discovery.

Joining this community means that you will enter a completely new world of possibilities and amazing opportunities for exploration. The world is one big treasure hunt and we want this community to grow into the largest network of explorers, adventurers, and thrill seekers.